If you think that pouting is the biggest obstacle that separates you from the French, you are very wrong.

There are many more differences – and even some oddities – in a French
restaurant than we think.
Bottle or tap water? Is it advisable to take a chance on rare meat? Why the hell
is there cheese on the dessert menu? Find out everything you need to make the
most of the homeland of gastronomy.
When looking for a restaurant in Paris or any other French city, finding is
perhaps the most difficult thing. Not because of the lack of establishments on
the streets (there are a lot!), But because they are outnumbered by the other
Italian food alpharetta
“Cafes” are, without a doubt, the majority – they may be coffee, but most of the
time they are the equivalent of our bars; Brasseries are more relaxed (and less
elegant) versions of restaurants, with simpler dishes, varied drinks, sweets and
coffees; The “bistros” are those small and cozy checkered tablecloth
restaurants that appear in the films. Cheap and unpretentious, they are the best
places to get to know traditional French dishes.