To close this Tuesday with the best that the gastronomy of Fortaleza has to offer, let’s go with Italian pasta

Finally, have a good wine list, as drinking and eating well are pleasures in life
that no one should give up and that the best Italian restaurants simply need to
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restaurants in the city for you to check out during this week, or in the next…
Options that are very in addition to the pizzas or the traditional carbonara
pasta . Enjoy your food! he restaurant chain La Pasta Gialla arose from the
idea of chef Sergio Arno to create a space that offered gastronomic
production with the true Italian touch, more precisely from the Tuscan
region. The house invests in artisanal pasta , which today are its
differential. Risotto , meat , poultry , fish and pasta are among the
options of dishes. On the menu, good choices are caprese-style spaghetti ,
with fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, garlic and basil; the penne to the
gorgonzola sauce with filet mignon lures also does not lack.