Three Phase Machines

The three-phase electric motor has some elements such as the cover, the fan, the baffle, the junction box, the terminals and the bearings. Thus, the more applied squirrel-cage motor of the category has a rotor made of a set of non-insulated rods and interconnected by short-circuit rings. The factor that characterizes the induction motor is that only the stator is connected to the mains.

It should be noted that three phase induction motors consist of two important elements, the stator and the rotor. The stator features a housing, which consists of the support structure of the robust construction set in cast iron, steel or aluminum injected, corrosion resistant and usually with fins; with core of plates, produced in magnetic steel; three-phase winding, referring to three equal sets of coils, one for each phase, comprising a balanced three-phase system connected to the three-phase supply network.

The rotor has an axis, whose function is to carry the mechanical power amplified by the motor; with plate core, which has the same characteristics as the stator plates; with bars and short-circuit rings, which are made of die-cast aluminum in one piece.