Therefore, working with an innovative design, but respecting the style of your establishment, can be one of the differentials of the restaurant.

Know how to choose the colors, the format and even the font you will use in the
menu: the more organized and elegant it looks, the better the impression the
customer will have of the establishment. Currently, customers are looking for
smaller, shareable dishes. There are two reasons behind this new trend in the
First, customers want to reduce their portion size and eat healthier. You must
be thinking that smaller dishes mean lower prices and lower profits,
right? However, we have seen the opposite effect: with smaller and cheaper
dishes, customers spend more, as they will want to try all the options they like
on the menu!
Second, a large part of the customers have already passed the “family style”
dinner. Shareable dishes allow individual customers or small group choose
to eat out for reasons other than to celebrate, like lazy to make food, food sick
of takeaways and fast food , etc.
The traditional menu model does not favor these people, who end up not going
to the restaurant to avoid it. Italian restaurants roswell