The first and most important step in painting the house is knowing how to choose the right paint.

Quality is fundamental, but that is not all. Nowadays there are
several options of paint brands on the market and, luckily for the
consumer, the vast majority of them have attested technology and
quality. So it is not that difficult to hit the mark. What you really
need is to be aware of the type of paint and the specification of
use. There are paints for internal use, external use, with
sunscreen, with anti-mildew action and so on. For the exterior
painting of the house, prefer, preferably, paints for external use
and, if possible, with solar control action, so you guarantee that
the color will not fade over time. If your house suffers from
humidity, a paint with anti-mold protection is also welcome. This
will make the painting easier to maintain. Another important detail:
all brands have lines of superior quality and lines of inferior
quality, also called economic. We know that it is always good to
save, but when buying paint it is important to calculate the cost
benefit, especially since the economical paints will usually ask for
maintenance more often, since premium paints will last much
longer on your wall and the painting will remain beautiful for much
longer. House painting services