The Electrical Protection

Since every engine can undergo significant variations from the electrical point of view, there is a great need to protect it properly. The explosion-proof motor is fundamentally designed to operate in environments saturated with gases and dust, susceptible to the danger of rapid inflammation, which can prevent the emergence of the same, which may arise by means of some spark or even by high heating.

Its housing is capable of resisting explosions of explosive gases or explosive mixtures specified therein, and prevents a surrounding flammable atmosphere from combusting.

From another point of view, the main imperative protections act against short circuit, overload, low voltage, open phase, phase reversal and internal defects, among other phenomena. The protection components have the function of operating the shutdown mechanisms in the event of a predetermined condition.    ORC3SCCHP29P29

When we talk about short-circuited rotor induction electric motors we can highlight the most used of them, which are the three-phase induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor, because they are the most common in the industry. This name is given because of the type of rotor used, a short-circuit rotor.