One Engine Installation

It is important that the installation of electric motors is done by highly trained professionals, with knowledge about the prescriptions and safety standards. At the time of installation it is necessary that the person continue the evaluation of some points, such as insulation resistance, which must be within acceptable values. Ventilation is another important factor, since the fins and the inlet areas and the air outlet must always be unobstructed and clean. The recommended installation distance between the engine air intakes and the wall shall not be less than ¼ of the air inlet diameter.

In case the motor is installed and does not start immediately, the installer must intervene with the specification guidelines. For single-phase motors stored for more than two years, it is recommended that their starting capacitors be touched by new ones. The interior of the junction box must always be clean and dry and the contact elements must be free of oxidation and properly connected. Unused cable entries must be sealed properly, the terminal box cover must be closed and the seals must be in proper condition to meet the degree of protection of the motor.