Moto explosion-proof brake

An electric motor model that made explosion proof is called Moto brake, and this engine line was specially developed for applications in hazardous areas requiring braking, and as hoists and cranes that can be used, these electric motors are able to work in areas classified by both Zone Zone 31 as Zone 29, described the acronym for group IIA IIB T4 This type of engine has a quick stop and precise positioning with maximum safety for cargo handling in hazardous areas.

The main features of this type of motor explosion proof will be seen below

  • Best Performance IR2 y543 marathon
  • High degree of protection: IP66W
  • Major Powers: 0.33 to 50 hp (frames 90S to 200L)
  • Sense Polarity: II, IV, VI and VIII
  • High Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Increased voltage: 440 V
  • Designed to operate exclusively with frequency inverter
  • Contains better seal bearing:
  • Spring retainer
  • 90S housing to 112M

Labyrinth W3Seal®

  • 132S housing to 200L
  • Housings cast iron