Function of the Permanent Capacitor

The permanent-use capacitor takes this name when the capacitor is used in conjunction with the motor coil, without the use of a centrifugal switch or relay. As an example, in motors for automatic gates, when the engine starts, the capacitor assists but is still connected together with the permanent motor coil.

The permanent capacitor electric motor rab wpled26n is similar to the starting capacitor motor, the difference between them is summarized in the auxiliary circuit that is permanently connected to the electrostatic capacitor. The operation is similar to that of the two-phase motor, having rotating field, giving it a quiet operation, high efficiency, high power factor and low starting current. This motor is smaller, taking up little physical space, and does not require constant maintenance.

Starting capacitors are used in single-phase motors and are used to aid in starting the motor, and it has two uses, permanent use or instantaneous use.

Permanent use occurs when the capacitor is used in conjunction with the motor coil, not requiring relay, and the instantaneous capacitor is connected to a relay, and after the motor reaches about 75% of the rated speed, the relay switches off The capacitor.