Factors responsible for frequency inversion

The drives can act as relevant protection elements to remedy the many different unsatisfactory power grid factors that can occur, such as imbalance of voltages between phases, phase failure, overvoltages, undervoltages, overload and voltage drop. The need for alternating current motors has been increasing considerably, and with that, automatically, the demand for equipment to control this type of motor also increases. This factor is due to the low purchase cost and maintenance of AC motors, which, when compared to DC motors baldor EM2531T, use the brushes with the highest wear and maintenance.

It can be stated that the frequency inverter components are based on electronic elements whose function is to convert the voltage of the alternating network into a constant voltage of constant amplitude and frequency and finally convert the DC to a voltage of variable amplitude and frequency . These devices have full engine speed control, which can range from zero to the maximum rated frequency or higher. There are inverters capable of generating an alternating voltage of up to 7200Hz to power special motors.