Distorted Field Electric Motors

It is very important to remember that each of the poles found has specific elements, which are properly involved by a copper splash at the instant of a short circuit. The direction of rotation changes according to the side on which the part of the pole is held.

The electric motor made of shaded poles, which is also known as a distorted field motor, according to its starting process, is most often chosen because it is the simplest and most economical of single-phase induction motors.

In spite of this, several different types of this engine can be found, considering that one of its most common categories provided is that of protruding poles. The induced current in the sneeze is intended to cause the flow that goes through it to have a delay in relation to the flow of the area that does not become enveloped.

This process has a result similar to a rotating field, which according to its operation, will gradually move towards the part that is not invaded to the part embraced of the pole. This method causes the torque to reach the rated speed, which may imply that the motor starts.