Basics of Couplings

Direct couplings can be said to have some advantages, such as a considerably lower cost, greater safety against any type of accident, and take up less space. In this way, the couplings are considered as extremely useful in transmitting the torque from the motor to the driven machine. When using any type of coupling, it is important to observe the important topics, such as using appropriate tools to assemble and disassemble the couplings, thus avoiding possible damage to the engine. It is important to use flexible couplings that can absorb minor misalignments during the operation of the equipment.

Therefore, the maximum loads and speed limits normally indicated in the coupling and engine manufacturers’ catalogs should never be exceeded. The motor Dart Controls 55AC10C must be level and aligned. Engines driven without coupled transmission components need to have their cotter pin firmly attached or removed in order to prevent possible accidents. Direct coupling is recognized at the exact moment when the motor shaft is coupled directly to the axis of the driven load, without the need for any transmission device.