A rotor may be composed of plates, and the types of induction motors

The rotor which is inside the electric motor and also consists of thin sheets of magnetic steel that are heat treated, the equipment and manufactured and also is shaped ring, since you see facing front, he has windings housed along.

Let’s see the types of machines that use induction motor:

  • Motor or generator or induction cage motor or squirrel format engine: this engine is that it is composed of conductive material bars which are located around the rotor plate set, and are short-circuited by metal rings at the ends.
  • induction motor or generator with an Coiled equipment: in which case the rotor is composed of windings distributed around the rotor plate assembly.

The induction motor is the electric motor of simple construction. The stator and rotor are mounted solidarity, and within them have a common axis stainless steel shafts that compose them. You can find all types of eletric motors here on mro supply, that has the best eletric motors.