A great way to harmonize the walls with what already exists in the building is to cover them with wood or stone coverings.

If you prefer monochrome, on the other hand, you should follow a color chart
similar to that present in the accessories of the house (with everything turned to
white or gray, for example). They can enhance doors, floors and windows made
with these same materials. Some houses have a garden equipped with a swimming
pool, flower beds, playground and leisure spaces. The more elements that make up
the external area, the more care you should take when choosing colors. To balance
the set and avoid mistakes, invest in shades that refer to nature .
House painting weston
Variations of
green, brown, terracotta and beige are great options because they integrate with
the vegetation commonly present in the backyards of the residences. Nuances that
resemble natural raw materials (such as clay, clay and sand) also usually work
because they are discreet. The incidence of sunlight is an important factor when it
comes to combining colors for the outdoor area. After all, unlike indoor
environments, which are protected, the uncovered surfaces tend to suffer from the
heat and the constant action of the sun’s rays.