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Continuous Chain Machine

The DC machine is composed of rotor, commutator ring, stator and brushes. The rotor is the rotating part, mounted on the axis of the machine, composed of a ferromagnetic material encased in the armature winding and the commutator ring. The commutator ring is responsible for effecting the proper reversal of the direction of the currents in the armature winding. The stator consists of the static part of the machine, mounted around the rotor. Brushes are graphite components capable of conducting energy to the rotor circuit.

Today’s alternating voltage electronic devices are able to control the speed of the asynchronous motor 1BN165LF WTA456 in an easy way, and by having reduced cost and application features, they end up replacing DC motors in most applications. The direct current machine consists of a machine whose main function is to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy, as a generator, or electrical energy into a mechanical, electric motor. The electric current used in the distribution and locomotion of the same is the alternating current, however, DC motors are applied in most of the industries, since they allow the variation of speed.