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Safety and Storage of Engines

Motors have live circuits, rotating components and hot surfaces and during operation can cause injury to people. Due to hazards, all transportation, storage, installation, operation and maintenance activities must be carried out by qualified personnel only.

If electric motors baldor ac motors are not installed after the purchase, we recommend storing them in a dry place, with relative air humidity up to 60%, ambient temperature above 5 ° C and below 40 ° C. That the place is free of dust, vibrations, gases, corrosive agents, and that it is in the position in which it was designed and without supporting other objects on it. Engines should be stored to facilitate drainage.

The motors must be completely disconnected from the mains, stopped and surrounded with great care to avoid accidents during installation and maintenance. All professionals involved should use appropriate tools, applying safety standards and regulations, and operators should also be careful about the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

If the motor has heating resistance, it must be energized when the motor is not in operation. This applies in cases where the engine is installed and not used for a long period of time.

Basic or primary specifications of a DC motor

There are three main factors to consider when selecting a DC electric motor: Speed, torque and voltage. Knowing these three specifications, it is possible to know which engine and manufacturer will be most appropriate for the desired need.

Shaft Speed: Shaft speed specifications generally refer to unloaded speed, which is the maximum speed the motor can reach when there is no torque applied. Since the speed depends on the voltage, the power supply must have an appropriate specification for the DC motor.

Output Torque: Rotation of the shaft generates a rotational force called torque (τ). Torque can be of two types: starting torque or continuous torque. The starting torque is the τ at which the shaft speed is zero or the motor is stopped. The continuous torque is the maximum τ under normal operating conditions. It is very important to observe the constancy of torque. It is proportional to velocity.

Available Voltage: DC motors 23064 CCK/W33 can be designed to operate at a specific voltage if required. However you should always observe the availability of suitable power supply for each application.