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Important components of the electric motor

Enameled circular wire is one of the most important components of the electric motor

One of the most important components of the electric motor is enameled circular wire, it is through the wire that electric current flows and a magnetic field is created as necessary for the electric motor can operate.

The impregnation resins and varnishes have the main function of maintaining union with each other all the wires are enamelled coil with all the stator members by bonding the resin or varnish. This process of bonding wires prevents vibration and generate friction between them and this friction can cause failures in the wire enamel and causes the electric motor to suffer a short-circuit. The agglutination is an important process for the electric motor because it aids in heat dissipation of the heat generated by the driver.

Today, it is used two types of varnishes and two types of resin impregnation, as they are the basis of polyester and serves to meet all constructive and application needs in the electric motor. 7318 skf bearing